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My dearest Kerry,
The most outstanding realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with.  As you know we have owned and sold quite a lot of real estate.  Actually, many types of real estate from a small salt box on 7 and1/2 acres to a 588 acre ranch on the pacific coast in north west Marin County, CA, and several other properties in between, including a condo and several other single family homes.
Never have we had such a seamless transaction such as we had with you, Kerry.  Kerry you have the unique ability to uncannily and completely understand our motives and objectives.  Yo felt our pain when a perfectly qualified, engaged couple backed off.  You, celebrated our decisions whether or not they were yours.  For this, we truly thank you for appreciating our declensions.
Thank you so much for respecting our goals and values.  The end result was we found a young family, who appreciated an older historic  home rather than a multi-window house.  
Many thanks and much love,
Jane and David Lewis
Kerry Potter sold our house for full price within one day after she showed the property. She knew her buyers. They were qualified and they had certain requirements that she knew would be fulfilled with the purchase of our house.
Kerry has tremendous access to a wide variety of inventory – and has deep insight into the current market dynamics. Kerry’s advice was critical in getting our deal done – would not have happened without her.
She took the time to learn about us and what we wanted. Kerry previewed all the properties, took photos, knew the circumstances around the sellers, and worked with us to narrow down the properties for us to view.
Kerry was very professional in helping us find our summer home. She listened well to our requirements and guided us in the selection process.
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